Line Extension Requests

Line Extension Requests

Below is our policy for line extensions. After your read this section, call our office so we can answer any of your questions.

I. Policy:

A. The member who is requesting any new line construction or upgrade to the lines serving their location will be billed the cost of the line constructed. A member requesting a line conversion from single phase to three phase will be billed the total cost of the conversion.

B. The member will be responsible for the cost of clearing all Right-of-Way. Right-of-Way clearing must comply with the Cooperative’s specifications. Any Right-of-Way clearing done by the property owner must meet the Cooperative's specifications. Any additional clearing needed to meet the cooperative's specifications will be performed by the cooperative and billed to the member. All Right-of-Way clearing must be completed before construction will begin.

C. Temporary Line extension: Members requesting a temporary line extension will be charged an additional fee to cover the removal costs for this line extension.

D. Line construction to Lot Plans:

1. Any line extension to serve a lot plan will be billed to the developer at the cost of the extension.

2. The developer shall be required to provide the Cooperative with an approved drawing of the lot plan and a blanket Right-of-Way easement before lots are sold.

3. The developer will be responsible for grading, trenching, backfilling, all conduits and any other costs necessary to complete the job to Cooperative specifications.

4. The developer will be responsible for clearing all Right-of-Way in compliance with the Cooperative’s specifications as detailed in (B) above. Line Relocation - Members requesting the relocation of any existing line (overhead or underground) will be billed the cost to have the line relocated.

II. Transformer Costs: 

There will be no transformer cost to a member receiving single phase power if the transformer requirement is 50 kVA or less. The member must pay a contribution for transformers in excess of 50 kVA.

There will be no transformer cost to a member receiving three phase power if the transformer requirement is 300 kVA or less. The member must pay a contribution for the transformer(s) if the total requirement exceeds 300 kVA. The member will pay a contribution for a spare transformer(s) for the site if the transformer is not a standard size or voltage currently used on the Cooperative system. Full payment must be made prior to the Cooperative ordering transformers.

III. Payment Options:

Pay entire cost before construction begins B. Pay 50% of the cost before construction begins and the balance in 12 equal monthly payments set forth in a signed contract. Any payments made under the provisions of this policy shall be considered advance construction payments and shall be applied as a contribution in aid of construction. This construction payment does not convey an ownership interest to the member in the primary or service line or any related equipment.

IV. Other:

The Cooperative will consider the wishes of the member when planning line construction and will accommodate those wishes so long as the Cooperative’s requirements for economy of construction, employee and public safety, and sound operations can be met. If Right-of-Way easements are required for the new line extension, it shall be the member’s responsibility to assist in obtaining these easements. Any cost incurred for obtaining the Right-of-Way easements shall be the responsibility of the party requesting line extension.