Capital Credits

Any member who bought electricity from REA Energy Cooperative, Inc.

Each year REA Energy Cooperative Inc.’s Board of Directors evaluates how much to retire, taking into consideration factors such as the impact on electric rates and financial strength of the cooperative.

Your refund amount is based on the amount of electricity used and years of service that are retired.

If you are no longer receiving electric service from REA Energy Cooperative, Inc., you are still entitled to receive refunds from your capital credits allocation amount. It is important to keep us updated with your current mailing address.

The surviving Executor/Executrix of an estate can request that the deceased member’s capital credits be released from their account by notifying the cooperative by phone, letter or email. The appropriate form will then be sent to the requestor.

Prior to 2006, REA Energy Cooperative Inc. was required to give unclaimed capital credits to the State of Pennsylvania. Through legislations passed by state legislators, we can now utilize these unclaimed funds for match assistance on eligible members’ bills, education, and civic purposes.

There are occasions when capital credit checks are not cashed. Whether due to address change, name change or death, we continue to try to reach these individuals or their heirs. Please review the list of individuals who have unclaimed capital credits prior to 1980 by using the link below and contact our office.